Second Hand Sorting

Our Waste Technicians know where to correctly dispose of every item they find in the trash. By opening every bag and sorting out every item, we make sure that everything that can be recycled or composted, goes into the right bin.

We are experts in helping you be compliant with local and state mandates.


Waste Management

Auditing your monthly hauler's bill and dealing with the bulk, moving the dumpsters and taking care of the trash rooms is not all... We tailor our services to your needs, doing bulk removals, apartment trash outs and individual or temporary trash services.


Sustainability Programs

We create plans tailored to each community, to optimize time and cost, educate tenants and residents on how to sort at home, and make our customers' buildings more sustainable and friendly with the environment.

Our commitment goes beyond sorting the trash. We team up with developers to design the ideal trash room for each property.



Since our founding, we had one goal in mind, help save the world. At Reuseo, we have 15+ years of combined experience in the trash industry. During this time, we saw how bad the environment is taking a hit from all the waste pollution in landfills.


Landfill is a serious problem for climate change and the wildlife around it. It is the 3rd largest producer of methane gas in the United States and methane is a 30+ times more potent greenhouse gas than CO2!


Our mission is to create tailored waste management plans for our clients by increasing recycling and composting to achieve a sustainable future by protecting our planet for future generations. 

Based in San Francisco, California, we developed our business under the most strict diversion laws, which makes us experts in adapting to local and state mandates. In the last three years we have expanded to serve communities all around the state.


Cubic yards diverted from landfill per year


Hours per week given back to on-site team per property


Lower spending on total cost of trash on average


Households impacted in San Francisco alone




If you are a Regional Manager...

If you are a Property 

You can rest assured that every property in your portfolio is in compliance with local and state mandates regarding waste disposal.

Budgeting for trash will be easier with our solutions planned to save money in the long run.

Stay within budget with our tailored plans that aim to save time and money on the long run. With the trash areas clean, the residents will have a cleaner and greener community to live in. 

If you are a Maintenance Manager

Get your time back and free your agenda to help the residents, without having to worry about trash sorting, dumpster moving or trash room cleaning. 


Mohammed S.

Property Manager

Sares-Regis Group

Reuseo has proven to be invaluable to our property both financially and practically.  Their teams’ ability to implement solutions for our property has resulted in significant cost savings. Their standard of service and doing the right thing shows commitment and integrity which has clearly stood out.  I would highly recommend Reuseo as a Partner due to their dedication to delivering results and especially since their services are “risk-free” with no long-term contracts. Additionally, Andres and Maria are a pleasure to work with and are always accommodating and responsive to our changing needs. 




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