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Second-Hand Sorting

Our Techs are experts in putting trash where it belongs, whether that is compost, recycling or landfill. 

This will increase diversion rate and reduce trash bills.

Trash Bill Audit

We want you to pay only for what you need. We will conduct an audit of your trash bill and make sure it matches the pick-up subscription needed for the amount of trash produced by the property. We will also make the adequate changes to fit the needs.

Bulk Removal

Larger items left behind by residents will not be staged, we will haul them away and dispose accordingly. 

This service is included in our monthly subscription or can be hired separately.

Dumpster Push/Pull

Our team will take the responsibility of putting the dumpsters out for pick-up and bring them back in, off your maintenance team's shoulders. We will make sure the dumpsters are ready to be emptied and will reprogram missed pick-ups directly with the hauler.

Trash Room Maintenance

We help you keep your building clean and free of odors by pressure washing the dumpster areas. We also keep them organized and free of staged trash.

Apartment Trash-Outs

If a tenant moved out and left the furniture and old appliances in the unit, our team will take them out and dispose of the accordingly. 

This service is not a part of our monthly subscription and can be hired by any property.

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